Managed Security Services

As cyber security has become a front and center subject for IT, K&R Network Solutions recognized the need to help our clients to achieve a level of protection appropriate for their business. We help our clients understand that while not all companies require the same level of expensive security controls, every company must maintain a level of security that will make it a less likely target of a security breach. K&R Network Solutions identified the core security controls and incorporated them into three a-la carte services to ensure your organization stays secure.
K&R Network Solutions has three levels of Managed Security Services:


This managed security service is exclusively designed to take full advantage of the powerful security features of modern Unified Threat Management appliances (UTMs). A UTM consolidates a number of security controls in one relatively small hardware and software package that required many specialized servers and software solutions in the past. With SecureEdge option your organization will receive the following services:
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting for detected critical security events
  • Customized monthly reporting on user behavior and observed threats and security
  • Firewall hardening advice per best security practices


This managed security service takes advantage of  centralized Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. This industry standard approach to security management of the information generated by various devices allows K&R Network Solutions and its NOC to have a single pane of glass view into the events, incidents and attacks on monitored client infrastructure. The standard SIEM deployment will include the following security measures:

  • Specialized hardware deployment at the client location
  • Firewall configuration for proper event logging and configuration monitoring
  • Active Directory configuration for proper event monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection System deployment to monitor egress and ingress traffic
  • Proactive monitoring for security incidents
  • Incident response
  • Customized monthly reporting for security, operational and compliance purposes


This managed security service complements the event and incident management options above with the vulnerability management aspect of security assurance. Security best practices and many specific industry laws and regulations require companies to perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing against the internal and external perimeter, preferably by independent 3rd parties. SecureTest option fulfills this requirement by establishing a vulnerability management framework consisting of the external and internal testing activities, recommended remediation and security posture reporting.

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