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Structured Network Wiring

K&R Network Solutions is a licensed low voltage contractor in the State of California. Our in-house project team will ensure a successful structured wiring implementation and build-out. We are experienced in server room design and offer HVAC/power sizing services. Whether you are in need of phone/data or custom audio/video cabling services, we can help.

What sets us apart from other providers is that our structured wiring team is in-house and is part of every meeting from the first steps of project planning. This collaboration results in efficient communication to our team of IT Engineers in the event of in-the-field changes to the original project plan. Ultimately, this level of teamwork reduces your costs and frustration in trying to get a project completed in a timely fashion.

Commercial Audio & Video

Need entertainment or business media? K&R Network Solutions has the experience and knowledge to recommend and integrate cost effective audio/visual technology solutions with stable results. Many online services are available in today’s world that say they can deliver content, but not all technologies are created equal. Let K&R Network Solutions advise you on the impact of implementing teleconference or audio/video services into your business.


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Recent Testimonial

"Dear Computer Business Owners, The Art of Computer Science management is a necessity for the healthy growth of all successful businesses today. As the co-founder of we currently practice using twenty five computer multimedia work stations on site, with an additional five work stations remotely tied into our main office by other off site employees. Our team has two large integrated servers housed in a designated computer room which supports our entire operation. Due to the complexity of our system, which grows larger every day, K&R Network Solutions has managed our system on site and remotely for over nine years. They have educated my Staff, set up fail safe automated systems, and have been quite an overall blessing for our computer needs. K&R Network Solutions and their team of professionals are efficient, extremely courteous, and dedicated to excellence in meeting your computer needs. I highly recommend that large and small businesses with diverse computer concerns and needs consider growing strong with K&R Network Solutions for success. "
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