VOIP Phone System Solutions

Business Challenges That Unified Communications Addresses

Connect Employees and Office

K&R Network Solutions Unified Communications solutions offer small business customers the ability to redirect calls automatically and to see a co-worker’s presence information, a phone that roams on the Wi-Fi network, VPN for securely connecting remote employees and offices, 4-digit dialing to any employee on the network, high definition voice for clear-sounding conversations, video telephony for visual communication, and integration into Cisco WebEx™ for online web collaboration.

Secure My Business

Highly secure voice and data are part of K&R Network Solutions Unified Communications solutions, such as the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS), embedded firewall, VPN, and network edge capability (DMZ). Our solution focuses on stopping security threats before they get onto the network, computer, or server by blocking spam, viruses, and harmful websites at the router. Cisco takes secure communications a step further by adding various levels of wireless and switch port network security that helps stop unwanted guests from getting access to valuable customer information and listening to phone calls.

Work From Anywhere

Our solution enables customers to stay mobile without worrying about missing a call or email or losing access to network storage devices and servers. Working from anywhere means working both inside the office, such as on a manufacturing floor or back office, or outside the office—at home, on the road, at a public hotspot, or via a 3G card while meeting with a client. Wireless access points allow employees to move freely throughout the office with their laptops, soft phones, and wireless phones while staying connected. VPN capabilities with a soft phone client allow employees to communicate anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Serve Customers Better

Our solutions help small businesses deliver an enhanced customer experience by connecting customers to the right people at the right time through single number reach and presence. Small businesses can also view a customer’s preferences, look up a past order, or see what issues they have experienced in the past, all by clicking on a screen popup during an inbound call. Instantly, service personnel can be connected to customer relationship management (CRM) databases such as Salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Small businesses can also avoid missing a fax order or important voicemail by integrating these capabilities into Microsoft Outlook.

Be More Productive

Small businesses can overcome challenges caused by communications breakdowns or nonintuitive phone operations. K&R Network Solutions Unified Communication solution delivers the state-of-the-art tools and features that help small businesses improve productivity. Calls can be automatically redirected to the right number, and features such as 4-digit dialing across all locations and click-to-dial capability from desktop applications enable employees to work from anywhere. Service employees can also easily look up customer records with the click of a mouse; get voicemail, email, and fax in one application; look up voicemail visually on the phone screen; access a video surveillance camera feed on the phone screen; and integrate various industry applications into their communications systems.

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"Dear Computer Business Owners, The Art of Computer Science management is a necessity for the healthy growth of all successful businesses today. As the co-founder of Tower-Dentistry.com we currently practice using twenty five computer multimedia work stations on site, with an additional five work stations remotely tied into our main office by other off site employees. Our team has two large integrated servers housed in a designated computer room which supports our entire operation. Due to the complexity of our system, which grows larger every day, K&R Network Solutions has managed our system on site and remotely for over nine years. They have educated my Staff, set up fail safe automated systems, and have been quite an overall blessing for our computer needs. K&R Network Solutions and their team of professionals are efficient, extremely courteous, and dedicated to excellence in meeting your computer needs. I highly recommend that large and small businesses with diverse computer concerns and needs consider growing strong with K&R Network Solutions for success. "
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