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What K&R Can Offer to your Virtualization or Storage Implementation?

As a Gold Partner with Dell and VMWare K&R utilizes Equallogic iSCSI SAN technology, not only can we assist in reducing your up front costs for procurement of the equipment, but we will assist in correctly implementing your iSCSI network to ensure optimal performance, scalability and reliability.

When integrating virtual environments onto iSCSI storage technology it is imperative that experienced Engineers be involved from the beginning. Mistakes in the early stages of setting up a SAN device can paint your organization into an extremely painful corner. We provide the option for you to not do a project of this importance alone.

Virtualization For Small Business
K&R utilizes virtual technologies for production, test and high-availability fail-over environments. With operating costs for space, power, cooling and equipment upkeep on the rise, it is imperative that virtualization be on your implementation plan. In addition to the environmental and technical advantages, virtualization and storage can often reduce your technology expenses.

Knowing the technologies available, what works, and having the experience to know the difference is the first step in reviewing these options. K&R will be happy to provide you or your directors with a comprehensive cost analysis and project plan with the pros and cons of going virtual in your business. 

Holding Onto That Upgrade Disk for Fear of the Unknown?
K&R utilizes virtual technologies for application training, tutorials and testing. It's also the perfect way to see how your data will hold up to the new product conversion. If you are hesitant to do an upgrade for fear that it may not go as well as the vendor promises, we completely understand. There is an alternative to dropping the disk in and brewing a fresh pot of coffee for a long night. Contact us today so that we can help you experience the upcoming conversion without putting your business at risk.

Not Sure What All This Virtualization and Storage Stuff Is?
Virtualization and storage combine the best of both worlds to consolidate hardware and software. In addition, virtualization technologies lift many limitations of the physical burden on technology; ultimately opening many doors for cost effective and greener solutions that deliver high availability, extended growth and scalability in business. We would be happy to discuss the many advantages and how we utilize it.

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