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Help Desk and Remote Support

'Our thoughts create
our reality- where we
put our focus is the
direction we tend to go.'
- Jeremy Kurth
Partner, KRNS, Inc.

IT Services for Your Staff
With K&R's Help Desk services we offer a low cost fixed monthly fee to protect the biggest assets in business, your employee productivity.

Nearly every businesses greatest overhead can be associated to the staffing resources that work there. And when technology is not working for them, they are not working for you.

The Negative Effect of Paying Hourly
If you are currently paying for IT support on a per-incident or hourly basis it is reasonable to reconsider the added expense your business incurs with each incident. A typical process for IT support in this type of relationship involves several levels of communication or gate-keeping efforts for approval. This method not only distracts the most valuable resources in your organization, but can often reach the business leaders or owners themselves. If an asset of this degree loses their focus on their objectives we consider this one of the most costly relationships a business can incur.

K&R's services provide three easy methods for your employees to get the answers they need to work effectively . All without cause for disruption to any other member of your team. On our simple service plan, these three methods are currently available for support and service:

·         Email to our automated ticketing system and have a customer representative contact you
·         Utilize our local support software and click to submit a description of the issue directly
·         Give us a call! Our friendly staff is always happy to help

After Hour Emergency
K&R extends after hours support for our membership clients. If you are experiencing a system outage or are unable to perform an important task after work hours simply call our main line and follow the single step to have the on-call Engineers contact you. Be sure to provide the details about your situation and any special contact information required to reach you quickly.

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