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Data Protection/High Availability Services and Solutions

Data Protection/High Availability

Our end to end data protection products enable you and/or your current IT team to stay focused on your objectives. K&R offers several solutions at varying prices to meet your risk level requirements. Our most popular solution provides data protection and high availability through an enterprise storage server provisioned on site of your business. By leveraging virtualization and large capacity drives we are able to provide high availability and an extensive data backup retention for your business. In addition, we send your vital information off-site as a first step in our comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

If you are in the majority
of businesses that are only
backing up company 'data',
please contact us today for
a brief conversation on
the alternative technologies
available and why they
are important.

The key advantages that our clients benefit from include;

  • Eliminates the liability in off-site tapes or backup drives
  • Comprehensive data archiving and retrieval
  • Reduced capital for high availability up to four (4) production servers
  • Fully managed backup solution - we take care of everything, 24/7
  • Addresses local and city-wide disaster recovery and business continuity

Conventional implementations for this level of protection require expensive licensing and hardware procurement. K&R has lowered the cost and raised the bar to include off-site replication of your production servers. Call today to get a custom quote for your fully managed product capable of replacing up to four (4) production servers in a disaster scenario.

If a high availability fail-over server is outside your business requirements and/or budget we have alternative disaster recovery solutions that can have your complete business up within hours. Often this solution requires no additional hardware expense and is offered in our base Server Management Fee of $99 per month.

Regardless of your environment, every business should take their data protection and recovery plan seriously.

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