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Application Integration & Development

Application Integration

Separating K&R from the Pack
Has a decision to implement new technology crippled or adversely affected your business?
Specialized line of applications bridge many gaps in any industry. However, not every application is going to handle all aspects of your specific business plan or process.

Although our core focus is the well-being and health of your network infrastructure and systems, our seasoned IT Advisors and development team have the means and experience to deliver improved process and integration within your organization. If your software vendor is too costly, struggling to understand your specific requirements, or is simply slow in responding to your customized integration needs we can help.  

We have successful projects that our clients use today for a range of important business processes. From data management to warehousing, front end application middleware, to process automation, K&R can identify and deliver to your bottom line.

Have an IT project deadline?
In addition to middleware integration, K&R has worked with clients to develop custom tools for success in migrations of advanced Microsoft environments.
We have worked extensively with technologies such as DFSR, Hyper-V, VMWare and many other Microsoft technologies.

If your IT group is planning a large project and lacks the development resources on staff to make it a smooth transition, contact us today for a custom quote.

Getting Your IT Team Started with a Network Management Tool?
K&R has experience in choosing and implementing managed solutions for businesses. If you are looking to implement a management solution into your larger organization don’t get overwhelmed with all the options available. Contact us to team up with our seasoned Engineers. Not only will it be one of the best investments for your internal IT team and infrastructure possible, it will save you the headache of starting from scratch. Our team currently develops pro-active solutions and understands how to implement and utilize management tools to their fullest potential.

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