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The IT Impact
The success of IT impacts your ability to function as a business. That's why K&R's core focus is to deliver consistent, successful and predictable IT services. Our clients' businesses range from 3 to 200 employees. As a loyal partner dedicated to improving technology, K&R addresses each of our clients' IT needs individually, efficiently and intellgently.

Your Options for IT

As a decision maker there are several options to address the well being of your technology. Whether you are deciding between an hourly break-fix approach to technology, building your own IT support department, or outsourcing to a managed care provider, K&R can offer guidance and insight to address your needs.
Our clients value expertise in industry and recognize the strength in core competencies. That is why they turn to K&R for managed IT care. And for our clients that previously dealt with issues on their own as a sunk cost to doing business, they quickly saw the value and return on investment when professionals were called in to handle their IT.

The Difference in Managed IT Care
When you engage with K&R to manage your business you not only gain access to our experienced and certified staff of Engineers but you also benefit from the vast infrastructure of solutions we design and develop to manage technology. Our team ensures a positive experience with computer support. Our enterprise level solutions instantly protect your network with a value add that far exceeds most small businesses IT budget and expertise. The advantage to managed IT care is the leveraged investment you receive from your budget. All of these elements contribute to your uptime and ability to succeed as a business.

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